In 1912, the Alexanderhoeve was built just outside Woerden. The first two generations were mainly concerned with milking cows and making cheese. Later, the cows disappeared and the farmstead actually became the artisanal maturing house and cheese shop it still is today. From this farmstead, our shops around the country are supplied.

Our philosophy
Our motto for years has been; “Only the best quality and taste”. And when it comes to taste, it’s all right at Alexanderhoeve. Over the years, we have regularly won prestigious cheese awards.

Our service
Naturally, service is also of paramount importance! Vincent de Wilde is right there with his team!

Jumbo Supermarkt

At Jumbo, we want our customers to enjoy doing their groceries. That this daily chore will become more like a little party. We make delicious and healthy food easy and available for everyone. We don’t do this alone, but together with all our employees and collaborative partners. Always with respect for man, animal and the environment. We ask ourselves how we can improve every single day. What can be more efficient, healthier, more enjoyable for our customers? As a leading supermarket, we are at the centre of society and we are working together to create a better future now.

Pet’s Place

“Animals are terrific! We grow with them and grow old with them. Animals continue to surprise every single day. They are an important part of our lives. That is why we try to help our customers care for their pets as best as we possibly can every day.”

Pets Place is the premier pets store in the Netherlands with the largest assortment for your pet. As an animal lover, you can find anything you need in our great store.