Kwalitaria stands for really fine food that focuses on quality and sustainability.

Our products are just a little different and therefore also uniquely delicious. At more than 140 locations throughout the country, you can enjoy fine, honest products of Dutch origin. At a growing number of locations, you can also order online and have your order delivered. So convenient!

Honest products
Taste comes first with us. And sustainability is never too far behind. Try our delicious burgers, made of pure Dutch MRIJ beef and dressed with fresh toppings! You will not find any cut-price chicken in our snacks. Come, taste and enjoy!

We have something for everyone.
For a great lunch, a warm meal or snack, you can always come to Kwalitaria. The whole family will enjoy our broad assortment. Ranging from fresh-baked breads, a healthy salad, the famous burger menu, our French fries and the kids menu – we have everything you need!

Subsidiary of FFC
Since 2004, Kwalitaria has been a franchise formula owned by the Food Franchise Company (FFC).

Albert Heijn Supermarket

We are all so busy these days. Busy at work, busy with the kids, with hobbies, social media, friends, family, online shopping and busy staying fit. And we are all busy trying to make healthy choices when it comes to our daily groceries. Because you want good-tasting food that is also fresh, healthy, diverse and convenient. And, of course, you don’t want pay too much. Life is expensive enough as it is.

In short, all of these elements combined can make life quite complicated. Albert Heijn understands this like no other. That is why, at Albert Heijn, you will find everything you need to get the most out of life, in a way that suits you best. It does not matter where you live, what you need, where you are or how much you have to spend. Around the corners, on the road or online. We are there for you, always and everywhere.

With value for you money, better food and a level of convenience that suits you life.

Crossfit Vastberaden

We love CrossFit.
We love coaching CrossFit even more.

As coaches we get to show you how fun, safe and effective Crossfit can be.
Yannis running a mile without stopping, Charlie doing a pull up, Lino losing 20 kilo and quitting smoking, Dan being free from backpain or Lizette being a better Chiropractor because she got stronger. After thousands of hours of coaching we are still just as excited to share these moments with our members and we can’t wait to share them with you!

Crossfit Vastberaden winkelcentrum Brazilië.
Crossfit Vastberaden winkelcentrum Brazilië.