Bakery Kees Gutter

Bakkery Kees Gutter is a family business with a traditional bakery and 6 locations in and around Amsterdam. The traditional bakery is on Monnickendam and the other locations are supplied fresh from here every day. The bakery only uses local ingredients as much as possible and only finest raw materials, of course and most important: real traditional bakers who are experts in their field.


We have been selling alcohol since 1884 and are thereby the largest specialist in the Netherlands. But, we’re also just hobbyists, too! People who can get really excited about a grape growing on a volcano cliff or a peak in a shed on Islay where the whiskey has a salty flavour.

These stories – the special, bizarre, beautiful stories behind the bottle – stories you can literally taste and stories we would like to share with you.

Odin biologische supermarkt

We believe that with every euro you spend on groceries, you make a choice. And you play a part in determining what the world looks like. When you buy your groceries at Odin, you do that at a cooperative with 23 locations, one warehouse, a delivery service and over 250 pick-up points. We also have our own apiary and farm. Since our founding is 1983, we buy directly from farmers, horticulturists, bakers, butchers, wine-growers, pasta makers, chocolatiers and many other quality producers.

MARQT Supermarkt

Choosing better food together

You have more power than you think. Simply because you decide what will and what will not end up on your plate. To what extent have you used your power? One thing we know for sure: you can change the world with your daily groceries. You can make a start, at least. Not a luxury, because man, animal and nature demand it – the current food system harms our environment and the quality of our food. We keep this system is place by how we buy our food. This must change, because the system has become quite engrained: only together can we set it in motion again. That’s where we need you. Will you join us?


Pearl Opticians has been around since 1959. That means that for over 60 years, we have been you expert of choice when it comes to eye care. Many people have trusted us for the care of their eyes for years and years. Starting from their first pair of cool kids’ glasses to innovative contact lenses, trendy brands and the latest sun glasses collections. We also prefer to prevent instead of heal. We give our customers free advice on how they can best care for their eyes.


Bruna is market leader when it comes to (children’s) books, magazines, newspapers and gift cards, and one of the largest sellers of stationary, office suppliers, lottery tickets, gift cards and school articles. play a big role in our omni-channel strategy and the sale of our assortment.

Bruna and Audax Group joined forces at the beginning of the year. Audax Group focuses on creating, selling and distributing magazines, books and other everyday products and services.


Grape District was created on a created on a whim in a bar by Freek Padberg, Gijs Groenevelt and Joost Bockwinkel. That these three friends were is in a bar, brainstorming, is not completely coincidental – Freek and Gijs were both employed in the Marketing Department of Heineken at the time. Joost paid the tab that night, considering that he was regional Director at ING Bank. From their combined love for wine and with the conviction that the wine world needed a new fresh impulse, they quit their office jobs and opened the first wine shop on van Woustraat in Amsterdam eight months later. It may sound like a cliche, but this shop actually does everything to avoid cliches.